We’re returning. Returning to our homes and beloved ones. Into a peaceful life. On the outside, we’re still the same as were before the war. But we’re different. We’ve seen the death, we know what death is and we will never be the same... And we know that we have to overcome ourselves and come back completely. Otherwise war will destroy us and our dear ones. “Mova Dobra” is a charitable foundation created to support the people who need to “come back”. Our key mission is rehabilitation. It includes psychological rehabilitation for people who have been to the war zone, projects on supply of medical equipment to hospitals and patients rehabilitation, helping adults and kids, servicemen and civilians. Our goal is to help. We know how to. It only takes faith into your wish to change.

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Boryspil Central Hospital' head physician held a tour for foreign visitors.

In early July representatives of the Danish Foundation "Global Medical Aid", director of the "Mova Dobra" foundation and assistant to the Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Ukraine visited the main air gate of Ukraine.

A day before Boryspil hospital received humanitarian aid - medical equipment and supplies. Foundation "Mova Dobra" began its activity late last year. Thanks to cooperation with the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Ukraine and the Danish Fund "Global Medical Aid", which provides humanitarian aid, "Mova Dobra" is implementing projects to ensure Ukrainian clinics and hospitals with modern medical equipment.

It is the first experience of cooperation with Boryspil hospital, but not the last, - said assistant to the Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Ukraine Inna Lugina. After the tour on the offices, the guests had an opportunity to talk about further cooperation. Head physician described the urgent needs of the hospital, and the contributors told they'll do the best they can to help.

Danish Foundation "Global Medical Aid" representative Mr. Hans Frederik Dydensborg was surprised of how old the hospital buildings are and of bad condition of the medical equipment which is now in use at Boryspil Central Hospital. And most importantly, he made sure that the equipment which he has sent is already in use and that doctors really need it. The head physician Alexander Schur said that every month they turn to various charities,  providing a list of their needs. In particular, only during the last half year Boryspil City Clinical Hospital received from benefactors assistance worth about two million hryvnias. 


Some say that doctors are great dancers, especially when they receive some useful and interesting medical gadgets and supplies laughing  So we're continuing to find candidates to "Everybody Dance" TV program by transferring the equipment to Kyiv City Clinical Hospital #17.

Our deepest gratitude to Diplomatic Mission of The Sovereign Order of Malta to Ukraine and "Global Medical Aid" company (Denmark), whose support made it happen!

We've started distributing the medical equipment into good hands in white coats!

Glad to cooperate with Dental Project "Sanatsia" ("Debridement"), Yavorivsky training range. Dental Project "Sanatsia" is a joint initiative of caring dentists from Dentist Association of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, who aim to help their fellow dentists from the Ministry of Defense to provide medical support to the mobilized soldiers before sending them to the ATO (anti-terroristic operation) zone.

As always, our deepest gratitude goes to "Global Medical Aid" company (Denmark).


Our foundation receives from Denmark and spreads within Ukrainian hospitals humanitarian help such as medical equipment and supplies.

For that our deepest gratitude goes to Diplomatic Mission of The Sovereign Order of Malta to Ukraine and  "Global Medical Aid" company (Denmark), whose help and support gives us power and confidence in our mutual work.