We’re returning. Returning to our homes and beloved ones. Into a peaceful life. On the outside, we’re still the same as were before the war. But we’re different. We’ve seen the death, we know what death is and we will never be the same... And we know that we have to overcome ourselves and come back completely. Otherwise war will destroy us and our dear ones. “Mova Dobra” is a charitable foundation created to support the people who need to “come back”. Our key mission is rehabilitation. It includes psychological rehabilitation for people who have been to the war zone, projects on supply of medical equipment to hospitals and patients rehabilitation, helping adults and kids, servicemen and civilians. Our goal is to help. We know how to. It only takes faith into your wish to change.

Charitable Foundation “Mova Dobra” 31 Kazymyra Malevycha St., office 101, Kyiv, Ukraine 03680 +38(044)331-40-90, +38(068)363-55-15

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It was a holiday, a holiday for little explorers!
So there were many experiences, many discoveries, many gifts - and as the result - lots of positive and simple children's delight!
We thank The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Ukraine and UniCredit Bank for these happy children's smiles!

They are our eternal light! A proof that life can be different but there's always a reason to make it better!

During this summer "Mova Dobra" organised the free recreation for 160 children and we are sure that it's only the beginning!

Happy children - happy parents smile


We are all kids!

Because the memories of the childhood give us the emotions which we compare to all the happiness and achievements of our lives in the future.

They're the kids of heroes - those who defend our calm and hope of peace, they're definitely stronger than us, and we're trying to make their lives happier. May their memories be bright, and their lives be colourful!

Charitable Foundation "Mova Dobra" provides free summer recreation for ATO participants' children.

Kids are happy and so are we! wink

They don't care much about everyday things - they care for positive emotions, warm memories and new friends, understanding that Ukraine is big and there's no difference where your new friend comes from if he is a good friend to you!