We’re returning. Returning to our homes and beloved ones. Into a peaceful life. On the outside, we’re still the same as were before the war. But we’re different. We’ve seen the death, we know what death is and we will never be the same... And we know that we have to overcome ourselves and come back completely. Otherwise war will destroy us and our dear ones. “Mova Dobra” is a charitable foundation created to support the people who need to “come back”. Our key mission is rehabilitation. It includes psychological rehabilitation for people who have been to the war zone, projects on supply of medical equipment to hospitals and patients rehabilitation, helping adults and kids, servicemen and civilians. Our goal is to help. We know how to. It only takes faith into your wish to change.

Charitable Foundation “Mova Dobra” 31 Kazymyra Malevycha St., office 101, Kyiv, Ukraine 03680 +38(044)331-40-90, +38(068)363-55-15

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